Road Transport


Road Transport

GFM Transport division offers daily reliable domestic and European trucking and Distribution services.
Our dedicated drivers are all equipped with the newest trucks to save Co2 and all have permits to drive dangerous goods and high value cargo. The team is 24/7 ready to delivery your cargo across Europe.

Our Group company’s offer daily Groupage throughout their network into Europe per truck or intramodal.
Provide Door to Door Cargo carriage main route countries; Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, England, France, Scandinavia.

We are engaged in International carriage of dry goods and temperature controlled goods between different countries as well as in local haulage within European countries.

We can always offer you additional services
Express freight delivery with two drivers
Just in time loading and delivery
Freight trans-shipment and temporary storage
Cargo tracking system
Additional cargo insurance for highly valuable goods

We have our own group’s vehicles
Newest Trucks , with standard curtain side trailers & temperature controlled trailers ( tilt semi trailers) 13,62 x 2.48 x 2m70 / 25 m/tons / 92 cbm